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How to clean your sex toys

By Amari

Keeping your toys clean and properly stored is not only important for durable usage and maintenance, but also essential for our health. While there's nothing "dirty" about genitals, bacteria can build up on your toys and spread, so it's important to clean them correctly.

One of the safest ways of cleaning your sex toy is with a sex toy cleaning spray or any other high quality disinfectant. Remove batteries before cleaning battery operated toys. Spray the cleaner over the entire surface area, then wipe with a clean cloth. Then, rinse it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, and let it dry completely before putting it away. For sex toys like male masturbators, AKA fleshlights, remove the inner sleeve for cleaning and put it back in its case once it has dried completely.

You want to clean your sex toys before and after every single use, and there are some simple rules you can follow to ensure complete hygiene and safety. Whether you're using a vibrator, dildo, strap-on, fleshlight, handcuffs, or anything else, here's Lovetreats medical expert Dr. Amari’s advice on how you can best take care of your sex toys.


1. Always disinfect when sharing sex toys

If you're sharing sex toys with one or more partners, it's important to disinfect them before every switch, because there's a possibility that you could pass bodily fluids (and potentially an STI) to your partner via your sex toy. The same goes for using sex toys that are suitable for vaginal as well as anal play. Make sure to clean the sex toy thoroughly before you switch from anal to vaginal use in order to avoid infections!


2. Different materials require different cleaning methods

Although most sex toys are made of silicone or plastic, you should not wash them together - spend a little more time and wash each sex toy separately. Anything that's non-motorized or waterproof and made of silicone, pyrex or stainless steel can be boiled in water for a few minutes. Disinfectant sprays as well as cleaning the sex toy with warm water and soap are alternatives to boiling. Almost all toys can be washed with plain water and ordinary soap. This applies to products made of silicone, glass, steel, leather and plastic. It's best to avoid using fancy perfumed soaps, because they can leave a residue on the toy that can irritate your genitals when you use it again. Also try to avoid using antibacterial soaps (for the same reason) and just stick to something mild. Another great way to tackle harmful bacteria is to use specially designed toy cleaning products. You cannot go wrong if you choose our Toy Cleaner! Don’t forget to let your sex toy dry completely before storing.


3. Do not forget about the motor!

If the sex toy has a motor or batteries, please make sure that it is completely waterproof before washing it. This information is usually stated on the packaging. If you are not sure or have not found the information, it is better not to immerse it entirely. Water and soap or toy cleaner spray are better cleaning options for sex toys that are not waterproof.


4. Say no to paper towels

Diluted, the paper breaks up into small pieces and can become clogged in the toy, damaging it. It is best to wipe your sex toys with a clean, non-woven cloth or leave to dry without additional action.


5. Time to clean

After you use a sex toy, you should always clean it before you store it. You don't want body fluids drying on it, and then sitting in a drawer. Depending on where you store your toys, you might want to also rinse them off before you use them. If your vibrator or dildo is left out or in contact with other objects, it can collect lint, pet hair, or dust, and will benefit from a quick wash before use.


6. One body part - one toy

Never use one sex toy in different intimate places without thoroughly washing it in between switches. This mostly applies to vaginal+anal or anal+oral sex. Microbiota of you lower digestive tract is dramatically different from the one in the vagina or mouth. Mixing them is never a good idea. If you really need to use one toy in two places simply use a condom, changing it every time you switch places.


Different sex toys stored in a goodie drawer