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Sex Toys Online Shopping in India

The Ultimate Guide To Online Shopping For Sex Toys in India The history of sex toys dates back thousands of years, but only recently have modern day sex toys become widely available to Indian consumers - thanks to the internet and online shopping. However, many Indians have concerns when it comes to online shopping for sex toys in India. This article answers the most common questions around buying sex toys in India, e.g. "Is shopping for sex toys legal in India?", "Where to buy toys online?" and "What are India's most popular adult toys?".
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How to pick out your first sex toy

Ready to experiment with sex toys but not quite sure where to start? Even though sex toys in India are now widely available online, choosing your first intimate toy can feel overwhelming, especially when you're like most Indian first time buyers and have never actually seen one in real life.
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5 Oral Sex Tips Every Indian Man Should Know

Even though it is extremely pleasurable (especially when you're on the receiving end!) and celebrated extensively in the Kamasutra, oral sex is one of the most underrated sex practices amongst Indian couples today and associated with many anxieties.
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