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Sex Toys Online Shopping in India

By Anonymous Author

The Ultimate Guide To Online Shopping For Sex Toys in India

The history of sex toys dates back thousands of years, but only recently have modern day sex toys become widely available to Indian consumers - thanks to the internet and online shopping. However, many Indians have concerns when it comes to online shopping for sex toys in India. This article answers the most common questions around buying sex toys in India, e.g. "Is shopping for sex toys legal in India?", "Where to buy toys online?" and "What are India's most popular adult toys?".

Is online shopping for sex toys legal in India?

Many people believe that sex toys are banned for sale (both online and offline) in India, but actually this is not true. In fact, there is no specific law in India about sexual wellness products - however, India has certain laws governing ‘obscenity’ which have to be followed. If you buy sex toys online at Lovetreats, your sexual wellness item is always shipped from our India based warehouse. All our products are 100% legally imported into India and are in compliance with the local laws and customs procedures. This article explains the details of the legality of sex toys in India and gives more insight into why online shopping for sex toys is legal in India if you buy at Lovetreats.

Where to shop online for sex toys in India?

There are different options for buying sex toys in India. While sex toys are also available in some markets or on the side of the road in certain parts of Mumbai or Delhi as well as in some drug stores and pharmacies, the safest and most convenient way is online shopping for sex toys. A variety of India based online shops offer sex toys, discreet delivery guaranteed!

What are the advantages of shopping for sex toys online in India?

  • large variety of different sex toys available for online shopping
  • 100% legal and safe
  • discreet shipping across India - complete privacy
  • original brands 

How to pick out your first sex toy in India

This guide takes you through the process of selecting your first sex toy and reveals India's most popular beginner sex toys across vibrators, dildos, sex toys for men and anal sex toys. We have based this on our online shopping data from over 25000 sex toys we have shipped across India through our online shop.

What's it like to buy a sex toy online in India?

We have asked some of our customers to share their experience with online shopping for a sex toy in India. They give their honest opinion about the online shopping experience and how they received their sex toy from Lovetreats online sex shop. Click here to read their reviews.