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My First Threesome Experience: Deepika

Awesome 3some, Freesome I remember my first threesome experience fondly. Well… more like I cringe a little bit, and shake my head in embarrassed disappointment. My younger (more sexually experimental) self was a ball of confusion and angst, but mostly just raging hormones, crying out for the female body. Have I mentioned I’m a female? Yup, I’m a lesbian (or as a I like to see it, sexually fluid, but that’s a whole other story).
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6 Stories Where Sex Toys Changed Lives

By Preeti
  While most of us would like to admit otherwise, we have all, at some point in our lives, indulged in some good-ol’ self-love. Yet, when it comes to talking about masturbation and sex toys, most Indian men and women are still pretty awkward and would rather not acknowledge it. That’s understandable, given that masturbation is still a big taboo in India.
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7 Couples Share Their Sexiest Valentine's Day Stories

By Layla
With Valentine’s day just round the corner, we thought we’d share some sexy Valentine’s Day Date stories and fantasies to inspire you and help you bring in a sexy spin to your plans too! Ready to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day? Read on!
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