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Where to buy sex toys in India?

By Layla

From dildos and vibrators to vibrating penis rings and sex toys for men - this article gives an overview of where you can buy sex toys in India along with the pros and cons of each shopping option. 

Although more and more people in India are becoming aware of sex toys, few know that they are actually widely available in India. It's important to know that sex toys are actually not illegal in India as falsely believed my many, although certain regulations have to be complied to. While we are currently not aware of any brands that manufacture sex toys in India, there is a large selection of imported sex toys available on the Indian market today. You can buy a variety of sex toys in both physical locations such as markets as well as online, as VICE explores in their video about sex toys in India:


These three options will be described in the article below:

1. Buying sex toys in Indian drug stores

2. Buying sex toys in Indian markets

3. Buying sex toys online in India


1. Where to buy sex toys in drug stores in India

This one might come as a surprise to many, but you can actually buy certain kinds of sex toys in many Indian drug stores and even some pharmacies. Vibrating cock rings from brands like Durex and Moods are widely available in drug stores across India. You can also find a range of lubricants, including flavoured lubricants, as well as sexual enhancement creams and oils in many pharmacies and drug stores. Usually these items are placed along with condoms.

Pros of buying sex toys in a drug store / pharmacy:

  • safe and convenient shopping experience
  • value for money
  • compliant with Indian laws & regulations

Cons of buying sex toys in a drug store / pharmacy:

  • very limited options
  • limited privacy

condoms in a drug store in India

2. Where to buy sex toys in Indian markets

More adventurous shoppers can also find imported sex toys in certain market areas of cities like Mumbai and Delhi. These items are usually not officially imported and sometimes not legal. Often, they are not openly displayed, so you have to ask around and it might be a bit challenging to find the right places.

Pros of buying sex toys in a market:

  • you can see and touch the item before buying to judge the quality

Cons of buying sex toys in a drug store / pharmacy:

  • not always legal
  • limited options
  • limited privacy
  • not always original brands

market in India

3. Where to buy sex toys online in India

By far the easiest and most convenient way of shopping for sex toys in India is to buy online. While India's e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have not started the sale of sex toys in India yet, there is a number of specialized online stores that offer a large variety of imported sex toys for shipping across India. Shipping and packaging are typically discreet, so you don't have to worry about privacy. Some online sex shops in India are not fully legal operations, however, we at Lovetreats import every item legally and are fully compliant with Indian laws and regulations. We also offer warranty for most of the sex toys.

Pros of buying sex toys online (at Lovetreats):

  • large variety
  • 100% legal and safe
  • discreet shipping across India
  • original brands 

Cons of buying sex toys online:

  • not possible to see and touch the item before buying
  • shipping can take up to a week, depending on your location

Any questions or concerns regarding ordering a sex toy from Lovetreats? Want to learn more about how to buy sex toys in India or need some advice on selecting your first adult toy? Email us at lovetreats@lovetreats.in and we'll be happy to assist!