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5 Oral Sex Tips Every Indian Should Know

By Anonymous Author

Sadly, oral sex is one of the most underrated sex practices amongst Indian couples today. And oral sex is associated with many anxieties. Now, that's a shame! Oral sex is super pleasurable, especially when you're on the receiving end! It is no wonder that the Kama Sutra pointedly celebrates oral sex.

Direct clitoral stimulation makes oral sex the easiest route to an orgasm for many women. Plus, the added wetness from oral sex can make penetrative sex much more enjoyable. Most women and men love oral sex, but a 2010 survey found that only 17% of Indian men and 12% of Indian women reported having oral sex in a given yearPerformance anxiety and worries about not smelling or tasting pleasant are common reasons why Indian couples have less oral sex than they would like. So, what can you do to make oral sex less stressful and pleasurable? We have compiled five oral sex tips guaranteed to spice up oral play and help overcome anxieties.

Below are 5 oral sex tips & expert sex toy suggestions to overcome common anxieties and take oral play to the next level.

1. Prepare your body for oral sex

Oral sex can be as stressful as it is pleasurable - and maybe that's the reason why people don't practice it as much as they would like. Does it smell good? Does it taste good? Vaginas and penises are complicated organs. They get moist, they have flavours, and they may have an aroma when draped in undies all day long. While some people love their partner's strong natural taste and aroma, others prefer giving oral sex to someone fresh out of the shower. Some people like to swallow, and some don't. Period sex is a turn-on for some and a turn-off for others. Fact: It's hard to relax and let go when you're worried about smelling unpleasant or when your partner's smell or taste secretly turns you off. Therefore, it's best to prepare for oral sex so that you feel comfortable. Use intimate wipes, shave, or just leave things as they are - it's your call. It also makes sense to discuss safe sex and set some ground rules with your partner before engaging in oral play so you can relax and fully let go.


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2. Make it wet!

An essential tip for giving great oral sex to your man is to make it wet. Lubing up will make it feel much more luscious and sensual with no risk of unwanted friction. Use flavoured lube to make oral play yummier, and mix things up with flavours like cherry, passion fruit or strawberry - a bonus for the giver. Water-based lube is safe to use with condoms. 

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3. Heighten your senses 

Blindfolding your partner can be a great way to reduce performance anxiety. When your partner can't see you, you don't have to worry about your appearance while giving head or going down. Plus, it will sharpen your partner's senses and make every touch a sensory explosion for them. When you're on the receiving end, wearing a blindfold helps you focus more and lose yourself in the experience. 

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4. Don’t be afraid to get a little help

Some tools help you take oral pleasure to the next level. vibrator can be invaluable in the art of oral - regardless of the gender of the receiving partner. Use something small like a bullet vibrator to still be in control. Women will enjoy the vibrator on the clitoral hood while you tongue the labia. You can also ask her to hold the vibrator, so your hands are free to focus on her G-spot. Guys enjoy vibrating stimulation on the scrotum and base of the penis. More adventurous couples can also consider experimenting with anal toys like butt plugs for extra stimulation. 

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5. Find the G-spot / P-spot

For women, the double stimulation of licking, sucking or massaging the clitoris with your tongue and simultaneously stimulating the G-spot with your fingers or a vibrator will lead to mind-blowing orgasms. Putting a pillow under her butt will make it easier for the partner to access her G-spot. A pillow will also give her more leverage to move her hips against her partner, which will feel amazing. For men open to experimenting, massaging their p-spot with anal sex toys such as butt plugs or anal beads can give incredible pleasure. The male prostate gland or p-spot, full of nerve endings guaranteed to drive him wild, is located about a finger-length inside his anus. Use plenty of lube and start with a gentle massage of his perineum while giving him a blowjob.

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These sex tips might be just what you needed to get over your fears and anxieties, and put you in the mood to push your partner's buttons. Enjoy, and don't forget to thank your partner for a job well done!

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