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Sex During Pregnancy

By Anonymous Author

Sex during pregnancy is taboo in India, but it isn’t as scary as it may seem. It’s a normal part of a pregnancy – as long as your pregnancy isn’t with complications or your doctor has advised otherwise. But if all else seems to be going well, and you and your partner feel like having sex, sex during pregnancy can be as good as sex at other times. We encourage Indian couples to give it a try!

sex during pregnancy

Common concerns about having sex while pregnant

Many Indian couples wonder whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. The answer is yes! Unless your doctor has advised against it, you can have as much sex during pregnancy as you like. Although it may seem like penetration and intercourse movement may harm the baby growing inside you, this is not true. Your abdomen and the muscular walls of your uterus protect your baby, who also happens to be cushioned by the amniotic sac's fluid! And contractions during an orgasm are different from those that occur during labour. Having an orgasm may help you much later in your pregnancy – according to some doctors. However, this only applies to overdue women who want to induce labour. Before you reach that point, orgasmic contractions are simply delightfully orgasmic contractions. 

Now, during your pregnancy, your hormones can be all over the place – as well as changes in body image and confidence. These could be positive (full sex drive) or negative (self-conscious). Remember that communication is always vital and that you should tell your partner what works for you and how you feel. This way, you can maximize the experience and have a comfortable, truly divine coupling. Don't let false myths and taboos around sex during pregnancy - unfortunately common in India - keep you from enjoying your sex life while pregnant!

Below are six tips for enjoying sex during pregnancy.

Tip #1: Oral sex

Oral sex is a great way to get off when you’re pregnant, especially if you feel uncomfortable with penetration. You can get licked, sucked and tongue-penetrated as much as you want and happily orgasm with no risk of harming your body.


Tip #2: Pillows for extra support

As your body changes and your tummy gets bigger, it’s not uncommon to feel extra stress on your back and knees. Sitting, walking, and standing can become more difficult and uncomfortable. So it’s no surprise that during sex, pregnant women may experience discomfort with their posture and positions. That’s why we recommend using pillows for support during pregnancy sex. Whether on your front, back or side, pillows are a great way to increase support and can help alleviate some of the discomforts that come with having a big belly.

Place the pillow(s) for head support, back or knee support, or even tummy support while having sex. This additional support will give you comfort, plus it can also give you that great lift that helps your partner penetrate you just right and hit the g-spot. Placing a pillow strategically under your butt or hips can even help you masturbate easier, helping you reach places that weren’t so easy to reach with your growing belly.


Tip #3: Plenty of lube

During pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place, and sometimes your body can experience drops in estrogen, and the vagina may not get as wet as you would like. Even if you’re in the mood and want to get down and dirty – sometimes our vaginas won’t play along. We recommend applying some water-based lube for smooth gliding.


Tip #4: Best sex positions during pregnancy

When it comes to positions during pregnancy sex, comfort is the most important factor! Concentrate on easier positions to ensure you can focus on your pleasure during the experience. We recommend avoiding positions that may pressure your stomach, especially after the fourth month of pregnancy. Hint: Missionary may not be the most accessible sex position during pregnancy. Instead, you can ride your partner so that you have almost complete control over the movement and your pleasure. Doggie style is also great as it doesn’t pressure your stomach, and penetration is maximized to hit all the good spots. Spooning or lying sideways with your partner behind you is also great for ease of movement and maximum comfort.


Tip #5: Use a little help

Especially when you find it harder to move around towards the end of your pregnancy, using a sex toy can be a lifesaver. Using something like a vibrator makes it easier for you or your partner to access your erogenous zones without your belly being too much of an obstacle. 


Tip #6: Erotic massages

And finally, we have a tip you can use sexually and non-sexually – but it will be of great relief and comfort during your pregnancy. Massage! Who doesn’t love a good massage? If bodily discomfort stops you from feeling sexy, ask your partner first to rub you down and get you nice and loose. 

So there you have it, six tips to help you with your sexy time even when you’re pregnant. A woman deserves an orgasm whenever she wants one – and we’re not going to let a big belly stop you from getting one!